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  • 高效的热模块:高品质合金样品槽,表面有金色合金涂层,耐腐蚀,通过独特的设计和电子控制技术,实现银质样品槽才能达到的高效传热效果和快速的升降温速率,节省PCR扩增时间
  • 精准的温度控制:通过智能的温度控制系统RAC实现快速的升降温变化、优异的温度准确性和均一性,以及高度的重复性,实际温度与设定温度相比,没有温度过冲或下冲的现象,以获得最佳的扩增效果
  • 温度梯度功能:对于新的模板或引物,可非常方便获得最佳的退火温度(TAdvanced 96 G)
  • 线性温度梯度工具(LGT):实现准确的温度梯度设置和控制,极大地方便了PCR反应条件尤其是退火温度的优化(TAdvanced 96 G)
  • 高性能智能热盖(HPSL):深凹的热盖设计可有效地将热量控制在热盖内,防蒸发效果极佳,升温快速,提供持续稳定的温度和压力控制,结实耐用,热盖打开后会自动停留在最适位置,方便样品的取放
  • 多功能:具有专门的恒温孵育功能模块,设置模块温度、热盖温度和孵育时间,即可作为金属孵育器使用,耐用性强
  • 静音技术(WQT):运行时非常安静,无噪声,运行时最大声音不超过45 dB,为您提供舒适的工作环境
  • 巧妙的散热设计:通过仪器后部和底部进行高效散热,仪器旁边可放置其他仪器,节省实验室空间
  • 先进的用户管理系统(AUM):灵活的多层级用户管理系统,每个用户都可设定不同的个性化的使用权限
  • 用户特异性的快速启动:通过程序预览和快速启动功能,无需繁琐的查找搜索,用户即可快速启动各自曾使用过的程序
  • 仪器自检功能:系统可进行自动的检测诊断,自动记录仪器使用过程中的状态,提供各种运行和故障信息
  • 舒适:超大的7英寸彩色触摸屏,水晶屏幕,高清显示,反应灵敏,符合人体工程学的设计,无反光,操作直观方便

New powerful electronics

The TAdvanced thermal cycler is based on a new technology which is, among other things, characterized by very powerful electronics. The new device thus offers superior heating and cooling rates that helps achieve ramping rates with a sample block made of aluminum which are normally seen only with the highest quality instruments using silver blocks. The new electronics include USB- and Ethernet-ports as communication interfaces and a 7'' color touch screen with completely redesigned, clearly structured user software.

User specific quick start of programs

The intuitive software offers very straightforward programming and for GMP-regulated laboratories highly configurable user management, plus extensive tools for system diagnostics as well as documentation of PCR runs. To create PCR protocols the user can select between tabular or graphical programming. The user-specific quick start in combination with the program preview makes tedious searches for previously used PCR programs superfluous.

Linear Gradient Tool

The TAdvanced thermal cycler is optionally available with gradient function for the optimization of new primer pairs. The linear gradient tool allows one to set the desired temperature difference between the columns or rows of the sample block, thus enabling users to exactly configure the temperature shape of the gradient. As another option, the unit can be equipped with a quick block exchange function. Overall, you can choose between five different types of block modules, including a high-end variant of a 96-well silver block with outstanding heating and cooling rates allied to extremely high temperature uniformity for maximum reproducibility of experiments.



High-Speed Thermal Block

The TAdvanced Thermal Cycler is available with different block formats. Optionally the instrument can be equipped with quick block exchange technology that allows easy exchange of block modules in a few seconds. All blocks are made of aluminum and offer high ramp rates for fast protocol running times. Additionally, to achieve ultimate performance, a 96 well block made of silver is available Due to its excellent heat conductivity silver equilibrates extremely quickly, thus providing maximum speed and temperature uniformity. To protect the valuable silver blocks against corrosion, the block surfaces are gold plated. High-Speed Thermal Block

The block surfaces are gold plated
By the rubber sealing at the lid an encapsulated space is formed when the lid is closed. The closed room serves to improve the temperature uniformity of the sample block and avoids formation of condensed water at the final PCR cooling step. Furthermore all blocks are perfectly sealed to prevent condensed water from penetrating the Peltier elements underneath the sample block and other parts of the electronics. By the perfect sealing the Peltier elements are protected and the instruments life time is expanded.

High Performance Smart Lid

The TAdvanced heated lid has been optimized to heat twice as fast as with older models and thus helps to shorten protocol run times. Moreover the heated lid serves for two additional essential functions: It prevents the formation of condensed water at the reaction tube portion located above the block surface level and it ensures reliable contact between samples and thermal block by applying constant pressure. By the integrated clutch mechanism the pressure applied to the reaction tubes is always same regardless of the plastic ware height. The combination of the heated lid shape and the reliable contact pressure ensure an even temperature distribution between samples thus significantly improves the temperature uniformity. High Performance Smart Lid

The lid gently swings open
With one press on the front button, the lid gently swings open and arrests in its end position. By this mechanism the lid cannot fall down and the heated lid is out of the radius of action when the user is inserting tubes or plates. Thus the risk of injury by violent pressure or the risk of burn by hot surfaces is prevented.

Space saving design

The TAdvanced thermal cycler is designed to occupy minimum space on your lab bench. With a footprint of 28 x 46 x 26 cm (WxDxH) the TAdvanced requires considerably less space than most other comparable instruments. Space saving design

User specific quick start of programs

Many other thermal cyclers offer a so called “latest program list”. In the latest program list a certain number of PCR programs is collected and offered for quick start. The list is typically ordered only by date and the user has to search for the desired program. In contrast the TAdvanced software creates a user specific list and only the latest programs started by the currently logged-in user are offered for quick start. Even a lab member does not use the instrument for a longer time the information on the latest programs started by this user will not get lost.
For maximum convenience the TAdvanced software features additionally features the program preview. Before start of a program the protocol steps are summarized in a clearly arranged table by the program preview tool. The program preview therefore provides a comprehensive overview on the protocol structure without the need to access programming screens. The program preview is also available before quick start of programs.

Linear Gradient Tool

For optimizing new primer pairs in a single run the TAdvanced optionally can be equipped with gradient function. Finding the best primer annealing temperature is crucial for the specificity and efficiency of PCR reactions. Often optimization of experiments is conducted only limited leading to unspecific byproducts or reduced PCR sensitivity. By using the gradient function new primer pairs with unknown annealing temperatures can be tested quickly and optimized in very short time. Linear Gradient Tool
For maximum convenience the TAdvanced offers the Linear Gradient Tool. For most other instruments the temperature difference from row to row or from column to column in a gradient step varies across the sample block. The TAdvanced Linear Gradient Tool offers to program gradient steps with a defined temperature increment between the columns or rows. The Linear Gradient Tool option allows the comfortable creation of gradient steps and the best annealing temperature can be easily transformed to a non-gradient protocol.

Open system philosophy

The TAdvanced is an open system regarding consumables and reagents. Depending upon the sample block the system can be used with single tubes, strips or plates. PCR plates can be standard profile or low profile and they can be skirted, semi-skirted or non-skirted. The TAdvance can handle all kind of plates and the plastic ware be sealed with domed caps, flat caps, sealing foil or other technologies. Regardless of the used sealing method thanks to the HPSL technology always the same pressure is applied to the consumables serving for absolutely reproducible conditions.
The TAdvanced Thermal Cycler is not limited to reagents from a specific vendor and can be used with any kind of polymerase. Regardless if isothermal-, hot start- or non-hot start polymerases are used, the TAdvanced will produce reliable results. E.g. by programming a pause step for the initial denaturation the system can be used for manual hot start applications. After inserting samples into the hot block the PCR protocol can be started just by pressing “continue”.

Security for regulated environments

The software can manage up to 30 user accounts. By default three different user-levels are available: Administrator, user with generic rights and user with limited rights. However, in a comfortable menu the administrator can configure the settings for each user individually by activating or inactivating single rights. By the user administration tool in combination with the password protection of user accounts access to the instrument can be limited to authorized persons and unwanted modifications to the system settings and PCR protocols prevented.
With each system start the TAdvanced performs an initial self-test and additionally the software offers an extended self-test that can be initiated by the user. The results of the extended self-test becomes are summarized in a protocol and are stored by the instrument. Additionally to the self-test functions the instruments creates and stores run-logfiles for each single run. For long-term storage run-logfiles and extended self-test protocols can be exported as proprietary file format.





96/96 G

96 S/96 SG

60/60 G

384/384 G

样品通量 96 x 0.2ml PCR管,96孔板,12 x 8联管 60 x 0.5ml PCR管 384孔板
模块材质 高品质合金槽,表面有的金色合金涂层,耐腐蚀 银质 高品质合金槽,表面有的金色合金涂层,耐腐蚀
模块涂层 特殊合金 镀金 特殊合金
最大升温速率 6.0℃ 8.0℃ 6.0℃ 4.0℃
平均升温速率 5.5℃ 7.0℃ 5.5℃ 3.8℃
最大降温速率 4.0℃ 5.5℃ 4.0℃ 2.0℃
平均降温速率 3.5℃ 4.5℃ 3.0℃ 1.7℃
温度梯度模式 --/12列不同温度梯度控制
温度梯度跨度 最大30℃/最小0.1℃ 最大40℃/最小0.1℃ 最大30℃/最小0.1℃ 最大20℃/最小0.1℃
温度梯度范围 20-99℃ 4-99℃ 20-99℃ 20-99℃
温度均一性 95℃ ±0.60℃ ±0.50℃ ±0.60℃@ ±0.50℃
  70℃ ±0.30℃ ±0.25℃ ±0.30℃ ±0.25℃
  55℃ ±0.20℃ ±0.15℃ ±0.20℃ ±0.15℃
温度准确性 ±0.1℃
模块温度范围 3-99℃
热盖温度范围 30-110℃
热盖 深凹设计的高性能智能热盖(HPSL),防蒸发效果明显好于普通热盖,提供持续稳定的温度和压力控制
软件 用户特异性的程序快速启动功能:每个用户可快速启动自己最近使用过的5个程序
程序存储能力 可设立30个用户管理账户,可存储350个PCR程序
显示屏 超大的7英寸彩色触摸屏,水晶屏幕,无反光
静音技术 超静音运行,最大运行声音不超过45dB
接口 USB接口,网络接口
常规指标 重量:15kg,尺寸:277 x 264 x 457mm (W x H x D),工作功率:850W





846-2-070-211 Biometra TAdvanced 96,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-2-070-201 Biometra TAdvanced 96 G,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-2-070-251 Biometra TAdvanced 96 S,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-2-070-241 Biometra TAdvanced 96 SG,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-2-070-210 Biometra TAdvanced 60,60 well,0.5 ml tubes
846-2-070-200 Biometra TAdvanced 60 G,60 well,0.5 ml tubes
846-2-070-224 Biometra TAdvanced 384,384 well,384 well plates
846-2-070-214 Biometra TAdvanced 384 G,384 well,384 well plates
846-070-231 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 96,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-070-221 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 96 G,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-070-271 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 96 S,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-070-261 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 96 SG,96 well,0.2 ml tubes, plates, strips
846-070-230 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 60,60 well,0.5 ml tubes
846-070-220 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 60 G,60 well,0.5 ml tubes
846-070-234 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 384,384 well,384 well plates
846-070-224 Biometra TAdvanced Block Module 384 G,384 well,384 well plates
846-2-070-280 Biometra TAdvanced Base Unit w/o block
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